Over 30 years ago, a good friend who played in a local Preston band promised me he’d teach me to play bass guitar. For one reason or another it didn’t happen, but my desire to play bass never went away.

My retirement brought me time and the perfect opportunity to fulfill my bass ambition. I had ideas that I could teach myself with a recognised course book and a few YouTube videos. Of course it turned out not to be that easy and I soon realised that to make any real progress I needed to find a good tutor.  Adam came highly recommended and I signed up for weekly lessons.

This proved to be a very wise decision. From the start Adam took time to find out what I wanted to achieve and the sort of music I wanted to play. I was keen to be able to read standard notation music and learn music theory. As a very highly qualified musician Adam’s expert tuition has been invaluable.

Adam has a very relaxed, patient and friendly approach to teaching music and he is able to explain things in easy to understand terms. There is never any pressure on me as a student but Adam’s weekly lessons keep me focused on the need for practice and progressive improvement all the time, knowing that whenever I find something difficult, he will be able to get me though it at the next lesson.

At last, after all these years I’m reading music, writing music and best of all playing music on my favourite instrument! I’m happy to highly recommend Adam’s tuition to anyone, of any age, who wishes to start out on guitar or bass or progress their existing musical knowledge & skills.

Gary Jackson - was looking for a guitar teacher when he contacted mccabe guitar tuition

Gary Jackson

I have always wanted to play guitar and after checking out numerous YouTube tutorials I decided it wasn’t for me and I’d need the personal support. Having guitar lessons with Adam is the best! This guy is so patient, positive and encouraging and he adapts teaching methods to suit me. He will explain and demonstrate as many times as I need. Being naturally inquisitive, I like to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’. Adam is always happy to answer my questions. I have learnt so many tricks and techniques in the 6 months since I have been taking lessons that I would not have been able to do myself. I am so pleased with my progress and I couldn’t have done it without Adam’s support. My lessons are relaxed and fun. It’s just like being taught by a friend! Thanks Adam.

Gary Jackson - was looking for a guitar teacher when he contacted mccabe guitar tuition

Liv Collins

Adam is a great teacher and he has really helped me to improve and learn new skills after having two previous guitar teachers. The lessons are great. He has a real interest in what music I like and what I want play. He takes time to learn the song and is always prepared for the lessons. He has always been reliable and very understanding about my other commitments and always manages to find a good time for me to have a lesson. I would highly recommend Adam as a teacher as he is very enthusiastic and an amazing and talented guitar player himself.

Gary Jackson - was looking for a guitar teacher when he contacted mccabe guitar tuition

Zoe Cunliffe

After many years of playing the guitar on and off but not really getting very far I finally took the plunge to start guitar lessons. I wish I had done this years ago ! In the past few months Adam has patiently and expertly helped me understand guitar music theory and demystified how songs are constructed. The fretboard is a lot less daunting than it used to be. This has made my guitar playing a whole lot more satisfying as I now know the theory behind it all.
I always look forward my lessons as Adam always keeps them interesting, challenging and fun. I cannot recommend Adam more highly. Many thanks for your wisdom and infinite patience.

Greg Butterworth

Adam has totally revolutionised guitar playing for David. He immediately picked up on the type of music that David likes, and is very patient and positive in his approach. Consequently David really loves playing and is making great progress. Adam’s love of music and desire to give others access to music clearly shows. One try on Adam’s electric guitar and it immediately went on David’s Christmas list! “I love my electric guitar” says David “the guitar games I play with Adam are brill – we have competitions to see who can play the fastest!”

Sharon & David

Adam has been a reliable and approachable tutor to my daughter Kerri for almost 4 years. Kerri is motivated by her guitar lessons and Adam always tailors the lessons to suit her taste in music. Kerri has made good progress, achieving grade 5 with merit.

Ann K.

At 7 years old I was in awe of my uncle’s new guitar and I asked for a new guitar for my birthday. Instead I was loaned one of my uncle’s guitars and had lessons at a local school. Every time the teacher had to radically retune the guitar it was embarrassing as I was holding the others back in the class. I soon gave up the lessons when insult was added to injury when my uncle decided to sand down the guitar he had been lending to me.

I told the story to my wife and she bought me a starter guitar for my 50th birthday and offered to pay for lessons. I eagerly embraced the guitar, but was completely horrified about going to lessons based on my previous experience. As such I bought guitar music books and tried to learn off YouTube, which were great for a while but after a few years of trying to improve I just hit a wall and couldn’t improve much further by myself.
I decided that I needed lessons as although the Internet is full of wonderful things and you can pick up some great tips, at the end of the day you can’t beat structured one to one learning with immediate feedback on your progress. I also felt that I needed to challenge my mind more as my mother was diagnosed dementia and I’d heard of scientific research that music can help with memory.

Adam was recommended to us as a guitar tutor and although I was apprehensive, partly due to my previous experiences, but more so about my age.
I needn’t have worried and I was completely amazed by the number of people who are my age range who were actually taking up and learning music and actually doing quite well and enjoying it.
Also it was really good to have a young tutor as he has opened my ears again to a huge range of modern day talented musicians I hadn’t heard of.
My wife is blown away with the improvement in my memory and listening skills.

I found the learning journey fun. Adam has provided me with lessons over the internet during lockdown which has been great and helped keep me a bit more sane that usual. I’ve also enjoyed the group classes and hope to pick them up again soon! I’d recommend anybody to start learning music and can recommend Adam as a tutor that gives you all the support and time you need.

Mark Martin

After trying to learn the guitar by myself for years and having numerous teachers before, I can easily say that Adam is by far the best person I’ve had teach me guitar. Adam is a very patient teacher and makes lessons interesting and fun, while catering to my music tastes. In just a couple of months of having lessons with Adam I noticed progress in my playing and I’ve been pleased ever since with how I’ve come along due to Adam’s tuition. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Liam Carroll

Learning to play guitar is something I’ve always wanted to do, but due to life circumstances I couldn’t do that until now. I have been learning guitar with Adam for almost a year now. My knowledge, both theoretical and practical, has improved greatly. Adam is a very patient teacher and I never feel rushed even when I have to go over the same part of a song in a lesson, and he always teaches at the pace I need to learn at. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone wanting to learn.

Natalie Stevens

Adam is an excellent teacher who has really helped improve my guitars skills. He was able to massively develop my understanding of musical theory, something I previously struggled with, by taking the time to explain the techniques and theory behind songs we played. Always made lessons fun and selected songs to my own tastes. Adam is a fantastic teacher and I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone thinking about taking guitar lessons!

Edd B.

Once I retired I decided that I would at last learn to play the instrument (electric guitar) that had fascinated me throughout my life. I started out by teaching myself through books and on-line videos. Although I made some progress, it was obvious that there was so much more to learn. It felt over-whelming to try to tackle that by books and on-line, without any one to one guidance and without the ability to ask questions.

Fortunately I found my way to Adam’s website and contacted him to take up the offer of a free trial lesson. That was the turning point, and from then on, under Adam’s excellent, patient and tailored tutoring I have progressed much further than I ever thought possible.

Adam has an incredible amount of patience when I am getting it wrong and an uncanny ability to diagnose why I am finding something hard (its often something as simple as the position of my thumb), and with a few words of advice and a demonstration can often put it right there and then. Every lesson is a pleasure and I always leave them thinking that I have moved forward.

He has spent time with me to find out what sorts of music I like and uses these to teach, which then makes practising a pleasure.

For anyone interested in learning to play guitar, or in developing some existing playing skills, I would recommend Adam without hesitation.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Steve Crawley

As I started as a complete beginner I am so impressed with my progress. The lessons are fab! Adam is a great teacher who will always offer helpful advice and is very patient. He has helped me over the past year to learn the songs I love and music by my favourite bands. I struggled at first, but in the time that I’ve been learning I’ve felt more and more confident with my playing. I’m looking forward to improving my guitar playing in the future and many more lessons to come! I’d definitely recommend Adam to anyone wanting to learn guitar or improve their playing.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Leah Bamber

As a man of advancing years, I decided a few months ago to try and learn the guitar, which is something I wanted to do years ago but never got round to doing. I tried the usual method of YouTube and then a teacher. I was really struggling and thought about giving up. Then, I met Adam and was immediately impressed with his easy going, patient manner as well his prior lesson preparation. Although I’ve a million miles to go I’m in no doubt Adam will get me there.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Steve Rayton

At 26 I thought it was too late to learn to play any instrument. As for a guitar, my knowledge started and ended at knowing what one looked like. Adam is the best kind of teacher I could of asked for. Being a new parent my time for practice is limited but Adam has stayed patient with me and has helped me to develop from knowing nothing to playing some of my favourite songs.

I would recommend Adam to anyone interested in learning to play guitar. He makes playing look easy but also stops it from being overwhelming by breaking playing down to ways that I can pick up notes, bars and songs so much better.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Ashley Forbes

Adam was great at helping me with the basics very quickly, I had never played guitar before so everything was new. I had guitar lessons with Adam for 4 years. The lessons were brilliant as they allowed me to learn songs that I liked and Adam would come prepared every week. It didn’t faze Adam at all that I was left-handed; he was able to show me things on my guitar despite him being right handed. It became clear to me very quickly that Adam wasn’t just a great teacher he was also a great musician who writes his own music and is able to adapt to many styles. Adam is approachable, friendly and talented, which is vital for a teacher. Adam is all of those things therefore I would thoroughly recommend having lessons with him.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Alice Toulmin

I had a great time learning guitar with Adam. He’s a great teacher who thoroughly engages both the practical and theory sides of the guitar. I loved learning the chord layouts of songs and successfully strumming different rhythms. I would certainly recommend to anyone who has a desire to learn the guitar to take up tuition with Adam as I have found it truly beneficial.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Mark Rowland

Having started the guitar from scratch at the age of 40 I was dubious but Adam has made learning the guitar easy. Without the regular support and lessons there would have been many other things that would have got in the way of finally picking up and strumming the guitar. I should have done this sooner!

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Andrew Flynn

Adam’s teaching is second to none. My daughter and I have learnt so much from him and we’ve been able to choose some of our own songs as well. He knows how to get the best out of you and always has the patience you require. I recommend Adam to anyone who is thinking of taking up the guitar or just needs to learn more. Many thanks!

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Tony Abram

My guitar playing improved tremendously with Adam.

From the very start, Adam has helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses with the instrument, ensuring that my knowledge of both technique and theory improved steadily.

His lessons are always well-rounded and enjoyable, and, since Adam is so patient and friendly, I feel I can always ask him for help and advice in areas of guitar playing that interest me.

In less than two years, Adam has helped me develop, from having little competence with the instrument, to Grade 4, and I am confident that my playing will steadily improve long into the future.

Adam is a fantastic teacher and friend, and I would recommend him to anyone thinking of learning guitar.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

James Balfour

As with most learners, I was a little nervous, but found Adam put me at ease very quickly. Adam made lessons as interesting as possible and encompassed my tastes in music into the lessons to keep them fun and productive. Even if I was struggling, Adam remained patient, and took things at my pace. Adam worked wonders in improving my technique, and I feel much more confident and accomplished in my playing. Adam is very easy going too, so it’s like being taught by a friend. I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Jonny Allsop

Since I have started having lessons with Adam I have found that my confidence has increased and both my playing and knowledge have greatly improved. He finds out what I want to achieve and has helps me do this. His lessons are interesting and motivating and the tasks he sets me are both challenging, yet enjoyable. Adam remains patient when I get frustrated and when it takes me longer to understand or achieve. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Kate L.

I started out as a complete beginner at guitar when I began taking lessons from Adam, and in short time I can already very easily see many improvements and increased confidence in my playing. Adam has been a brilliant teacher and has catered to helping me develop my skills and learn the guitar at my own pace while still challenging me and teaching me fresh techniques so that I can perform to my best. Learning both theory and practical has been great and I would recommend Adam to anyone I know. Overall a great guy and an even better teacher.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Ryker T.

Adam has been my guitar teacher for quite a few years now and has helped me progress hugely from having no playing experience at all. The way he breaks things down and the advice he gives makes things that initially seem impossible become really manageable. He is always prepared with songs that are challenging, fun and allowed me to develop new skills while also encouraging suggestions that cater to my music taste. Adam’s an easy going and good guy, is very accommodating and patient, he’s an overall great guitar teacher.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Ben C.

Being taught by Adam over the past year has vastly improved my knowledge about the theoretical side and practical side of guitar playing. With Adam having a laid back, patient personality, it has also made it easier for me to play fluently and not to worry about making mistakes. It’s also eased playing in front of audiences! Overall Adam is an awesome guy, it’s great to have a tutor as experienced as him and would definitely recommend him to a friend.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Rob Newton

Adam has been a teacher of mine for many years now and I have found his lessons to be highly productive in both theory and practice. He’s an extremely knowledgeable teacher with a lot of patience and a friendly attitude. I could not recommend him enough. No matter what level you are at, Adam will surely be able to help you progress with your playing into the future.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Brad Cullen

As a complete beginner at the age of 27, I was somewhat apprehensive to say the least regarding starting tuition for this wonderful instrument.

I seriously shouldn’t have been. My only regret is not starting years sooner. Adam is an excellent, professional teacher who has an unwavering level of patience. I never feel rushed or embarrassed, only encouraged.

I’ve been under his tuition for just over 4 months now. Although I’m no Jimmy Hendrix, I can confidently play some songs. Songs that 4 months ago would have been like trying to solve complex algebra in Mandarin (and I definitely don’t speak Mandarin!). Needless to say i would recommend his tuition to anybody considering learning.

Don’t put it off any longer – that’s my only regret!

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Dan Marsden

I started by teaching myself guitar but after a year I became a little disheartened with it. Decided to give Adam a try to build some confidence and ability. I have not looked back. My ability as a player has increased and in turn so has my confidence. Adam gives you time to learn but at the same time pushes you to improve. No matter what style you want he will help you master it. If you’re looking to learn guitar or just brush up on some skills and techniques, Adam’s the man. You won’t be disappointed.

Ben Gregory

Adam is a fantastic guitar tutor. Every other tutor I have experienced or had a lesson with hasn’t compared. He really takes time to improve the skills that you need to become a better guitar player and he makes theory seem a lot easier than it sounds. He really brings out the fun in playing an instrument and makes the trickier parts of it less daunting. From learning to play songs to grade work pieces and even my own pieces, he’s been brilliant and it’s quite clear he has the knowledge to be an effective teacher, no matter what level of playing you are at. Could not be more thankful for what he does. Top guy.

Liam D.

Adam is a fantastic guitar player and a great guy to be in a band with. Watching him work with the bass and guitar players showed me how good a teacher he is. His constant drive to improve our songs, set and play bigger and better gigs was a huge part of our success. If you want to learn from a brilliant, experienced songwriter and teacher, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam!

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Mike Hoyle

I’ve been told that it is best to learn new things, such as an instrument, when you are young. So when I first started, I wasn’t sure if taking up the guitar was a good idea. But Adam assured me that anyone can learn as long as they tried. I found Adam’s lessons and teaching style to be straight forward and easy to understand. He is patient and lets me learn at my own pace. Despite having my doubts at first, I found that I have greatly improved my ability to play the guitar and I am able to play many songs. I recommend him to anyone new to guitar.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Justin T.

I have found Adam’s lessons to be both enjoyable and productive. He puts focus on the style of music I want to play, adding in other styles to keep it interesting and his lessons are always well prepared. Adam has a patient approach so I am never embarrassed if something takes me a little longer to pick up, and he has taught me many techniques that would have been impossible to learn on my own. I always look forward to my lessons and the best recommendation I can give is that I feel like my playing has improved considerably since Adam started teaching me.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Chris Howard

I began to learn the guitar at the age of 30 and started to learn with Adam from the very start. He has been excellent and is a very good teacher, always offering helpful advice and answering all the questions that I had. I simply would not have been as confident and competent as I am now without him. He is friendly, approachable and puts a lot of effort into his lessons. I would definitely recommend him to any new starter or anyone looking to carry on from where they left off.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Kyle Shoja

I was a self-taught guitarist and have played in my own individual style for several years.  There became a point where I wanted to progress beyond this and looked into having tuition.  My first meeting with Adam involved a discussion about what I wanted to achieve from lessons.  He listened and was able to accommodate my requests and learning style very well.  His experience and professional expertise taught me several new skills and techniques, including how to use scales to get the best impact when composing.

My lessons with Adam were always interesting as he is an inspirational tutor.  He has a relaxed and informal style which suited me and he tailored lessons towards my specific needs and interests.  I believe Adam to be an excellent tutor who can teach both advanced and beginners in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend him as a guitar tutor.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Chris Tiplady

Adam is a genuinely great guitarist, and all round nice guy – two things you definitely want from a teacher. The thing that has impressed me most though is his professionalism and personalised approach from the start – getting to understand what I wanted from the lessons and then planning out objectives for the quickest way of achieving them. I have definitely progressed more in a couple of months of having lessons with Adam than I did in over a year of struggling to try and teach myself. Already recommended him to another mate of mine, and would do the same for any other guitarist looking to learn and improve.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Ian Hardman

Adam has been teaching me for the past two and a half years. Adam has a friendly, personable nature and puts the learner at ease when he is teaching. He uses his personal experiences and his wide knowledge of guitar playing to good effect during the lessons. He provides encouraging feedback about the things that I am doing well and points out areas of my playing that can be improved upon, while teaching the correct method in a way that is easy to follow.

He provides valuable learning materials such as scales and tabs and helps me to learn them gradually at a speed that is comfortable for my ability. He prepares his lessons well and caters towards my music tastes.

I feel that I have learnt a great deal from his tutoring, that I would not have done had I tried to learn on my own.

I can recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn guitar or improve their playing.

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Dan Yates

IAdam is a kind and patient teacher. He takes lessons at a leisurely pace to make sure that you nail either the technique or a certain tab. Adam is also very reliable and never let me down. Simply put Adam was the best teacher I ever had and I cannot rate him highly enough!!

Headshot of a guitar student from Preston

Martin J.

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